C-Returns, green retrofit company, reaches 3 million kg CO2 reduction, nearly half a million in utility savings

C-Returns (www.CReturns.com), Edmonton’s green energy audit and retrofit company, recently released the results of its first two years of operations: an expected 3.04 million kg (6.7 million pounds) CO2e in greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions, and CDN $438,034 in life-cycle utility savings. Green retrofits ranged from simple items like installation of long-lasting and energy efficient LED lights, to installation of fridges exceeding ENERGY STAR rating by 30%, to more complex items like roof replacements and installation of solar electric (photovoltaic) renewable energy retrofits. The first dozen home owners are expected to achieve an average of $20,515 in energy savings over the life of the installed products, with an average incremental cost of $7,220. Institutional/commercial retrofits are expected to result in average savings of $103,851 per building. Carbon emission reductions are the equivalent of taking about 2,026 compact cars off the road for a year. C-Returns, a non-profit company, was launched in April of 2012, with the support of the City of Edmonton Office of Environment, and the Social Enterprise Fund. (Note: Godo is a co-founder of C-Returns.)Image